ygap’s Polished Man Campaign

When women thrive, the world thrives!
ygap places a strong focus on women because of the promise of what can be achieved when women are able to fully participate in the economy to benefit everyone.

ygap’s Polished Man campaign encourages people to paint one nail blue for the month of October to spark powerful conversations, and raise awareness and funds to end violence against women and children.

The funds we raise support trauma prevention and recovery programs in Australia and around the world. Our aim is to stop violence before it can occur, as well as help survivors on their road to recovery.

Claire Onzee, Shirlam Investment, Kenya

“I support over 300 rural women in the production of sweet potatoes, which we use as our main raw material for the processing of Nutri Flour, a product that enhances milk secretion for lactating mothers.”

The global ecosystem is dominated by programs that often fail to accommodate the needs of women participants.

ygap believes in the power of entrepreneurship as an effective way to make a sustainable and equitable change in the world.
ygap supports women entrepreneurs who deeply understand the unique challenges of their communities and are best placed to develop solutions for themselves and other women.

ygap programs give hope and a pathway towards financial independence to women across Africa, South Asia, the Pacific Islands and Australia



Different genders experience the world differently and therefore, have different views and ideas.


Investing in women brings higher non-economic returns, as women are more likely to reinvest their success into their children’s education, health, and nutrition.


Women are 5% more likely to bring innovation to their businesses than men.

Make your investment towards a gender equitable world

Every dollar you donate supports programs designed for the unique needs of women entrepreneurs, changing the lives of women within their communities.

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