ygap Newsletter - April 2019

Note from our CEO

Hello ygap Community,

This month the ygap team has focused on developing a brand new fundraising campaign to support the global roll out of the yher Program – a female-focused accelerator program designed by women for women.

We at ygap find it unacceptable that it is 2019 and there is no country in the world where all genders have equal access to opportunities in pursuing their social impact venture growth.

After running 45 our accelerators and supporting 454 entrepreneurs globally we found that women were majorly under supported with 97% of Venture Capital Funding going to male-led ventures.

Our theory was that if we offered a female-focused accelerator and support program in the regions we already operated, that this would attract high potential emerging female leaders looking for support.

What we didn’t expect was to receive 847 applications across the three regions.

Within this fundraising campaign we will be asking our community to embrace an all-inclusive conversation about supporting all genders.

We look forward to inviting you in the conversation.

Check outyher – Partner with Usif you are interested in finding out more about our yher Program, read up on some of the yher entrepreneur case studies and see what the entrepreneurs had to say about their experience with us!

Until next time, we will be right here Backing Local Change.

Kind regards,
Manita Ray

First Gens - Applications Closing this Friday, May 3rd

Over the past month we have been recruiting for the next cohort of First Gens entrepreneurs. For the third time round, we are offering 12 migrants and refugees an opportunity to fast-track their early-stage venture.

Our program will offer training, mentorship, a community of inspiring like-minded entrepreneurs tailored support, micro-grants and up-to $25,000 in funding.

Our alumni have initiatives that work to reduce disadvantage in Australia across sectors in education, disability, legal aid, training and employment.

The best part – the program is completely complimentary.

The application only takes 10 minutes to complete and offers a lifetime of value!

Find out more: www.ygap.org/firstgens

Apply Now

evac - Ending Violence Against Children Accelerator

Funds raised from the 2018 Polished Man campaign are financing a groundbreaking new Australia-wide initiative – evac (ending violence against children) program will find and back game-changing social ventures focusing on trauma prevention and trauma recovery programs for the most vulnerable members of our community: children.

If you know of someone working in this space simply forward on this email and let them know about this new initiative which comes free of charge and asks for nothing in return.

We are simply happy to see that there are great initiatives out there aiming to help children, and we feel it is our duty to ensure they have adequate access to support to ensure their success and growth.

We are currently in recruitment mode, find out more: www.ygap.org/evac

More About evac

ygap South Africa Accelerator

Earlier this month we held our ygap South Africa April Accelerator where we spent the week working with 13 game changing social impact entrepreneurs aligned with the United Nations Sustainability Goals.

With Education and Employment being the back-bones of the South African future prosperity – we were delighted to have 11 ventures supporting these sectors.

We look forward to sharing with you the progress and development of each one of these ventures experiences.

Read The Campaign Report

One Entrepreneur's Story

Huy Nguyen, First Gens 2018 Graduate.

Huy’s Story
After contracting polio at a young age, Huy has experienced first-hand the challenges of living with a disability including being supported by disability support workers who have not been adequately trained to support his particular needs.

The Problem
Australia’s disability support workforce has the second highest rate of workplace injury. This is primarily due to a lack of training. Further to this, half a million people in Australia rely on disability
support workers to help them through their day.

His Solution
Enabler is a digital training platform for disability support workers. Enabler uses gaming technology so that support workers can have interactive simulated scenarios based on the needs of the people that they are supporting.

Theory of Change
By providing disability support workers with a more engaging and appropriate training solution, the number of injuries in the workplace will decrease. Further to this, by increasing the amount of adequately trained support workers, the support available to those living with disability will be improved.

To date, 15 disability support workers have accessed training through the Enabler software.

What are we excited about for next month?

What are we excited about?

  1. Launching our new segment focused accelerator, EVAC
    (A special prize for anyone that can guess what it stands for…)
  2. Receiving an influx of applications for First Gens and yher Pacific
    (Help us spread the word by forwarding on the email to anyone that might be interested)
  3. Announcing a brand new fundraising campaign!
    (Yes it’s time we raised some much needed funds to help expand access to our accelerator)
  4. Partnering up with a PR Agency to help us spread the word of our work
    (Currently on the lookout – help us out if you know anyone)
  5. The official launch of the GLIA – ready to transform the way we manage the topic of gender in the workplace!

Ps. On a Personal Note….

I am first to admit that I was one of those people REALLY excited when I knew #FEARLESSGIRL was coming to Melbourne. For me, she represents who I strived to be my whole life (sometimes I succeeded, sometimes I failed) and who I continue to strive to be today. My kids were probably bored to death of me ranting about what she symbolised, but my son got the pose down pat!

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