ygap Newsletter - May 2019

Note from our CEO

Hello ygap Community,

We are so excited to share our first yher Appeal. with you

Each donation we receive before June 30th will be matched 3 times the value by a generous benefactor. A donation of $250 will be matched to $750. Please help us to achieve our goal of $500,000. 

This appeal is critical to support and lift those experiencing disadvantage with long term sustainable solutions.  – it will help make a reality of ygap’s vision to secure funding to roll out our yher program across Africa, South Asia and the Pacific, which seeks to empower emerging female leaders.

We know that female-led ventures generate deep social impact.
We know that female-led ventures are proven to be profitable, sustainable and scalable.

Yet even today, female-led ventures are not considered to be a serious investment and last year, attracted less than 2.2% of the $85bn venture capital funding available. This number is even smaller for social impact ventures founded by women.

yher is changing this.

yher is creating an equal platform and voice for female-led ventures so they are afforded the same opportunities as their counterparts.

Ending poverty is a complex issue and requires all of us to be involved, yher empowers 50% of overpopulation to step up into the arena.

We need $500,000 by June 30th  – and you can help make this happen. 

Please support her to create a better us here today,  donate to the yher Appeal today. 

Kind regards,
Manita Ray

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The yher Appeal is a dialogue, not a monologue

Getting involved in conversations about gender inclusivity and equality can be really uncomfortable, we worry we might say the wrong thing and encounter some serious judgement. So we stay silent.

But if we think that movements like #MeToo #HeForShe or #yher are going to make the world change, whilst the majority of us remain silent; we are wrong.

So, for this appeal, we ask for everyone’s voice to be involved, to build a better world together, for her, for us, for everyone.

Because our sisters and our daughters around the world deserve better, and we can do better, so we must do better.

We need the help of men, women and people of all genders behind this movement.

Help us by forwarding this email on to your network and share your support for a better world for her, us and everyone.

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yher Pacific with DFAT and the United Nations

By invitation of DFAT and the United Nations, we ran a workshop discussing inclusivity for everyone in The Pacific with two key objectives:

  1. To engage stakeholders from all around the region in a discussion on the role of innovative entrepreneurship in sustainable development.

  2. To test and develop a framework for building an innovative eco-system across the Pacific with strategic partnerships.

A key highlight of the experience was a collaborative discussion on female empowerment between our yher Program Managers, Audrey Jean-Baptiste and Millicent Barty, with the United Nations Resident Coordinator, Sanaka Samarasinha.

For more information contact Audrey Jean-Baptise.

The Future of Refugee Entrepreneurship

In partnership with LaunchVic, we had the opportunity to facilitate a co-design session on the Future of Refugee Entrepreneurship in Victoria.

After spending the past 18 months supporting migrant and refugee social entrepreneurs across the state with the development of the First Gens Program, it was a really incredible opportunity to collaborate with other stakeholders to better understand the space we work in.

With the support of city councils, community groups, accelerators, and the refugee and migrant entrepreneurs, we have identified opportunities to further strengthen and develop the refugee entrepreneurship ecosystem within our own country.

For more information contact Simon Lee.

Are You the Face of Polished Man 2019?

Our Polished Man team is delighted to announce we are looking to crown someone PM for 2019 and become an official ambassador for this year’s campaign.

Pre-registrations are now open so we are encouraging everyone to sign up now and they will be first in the know for all the exciting developments, including how you can receive two complimentary premium tickets to this year’s Polished Man Gala.

Sign Up Today

evac - Applications Close June 9th

We believe it is our moral duty to do absolutely everything we can to ensure the safety and care of our most vulnerable members of society; children.

We are currently looking for ventures tackling the issues of bullying and cyber-bullying, mental health, trauma prevention and recovery.

Our complimentary program is designed to maximise the social impact of these ventures and protect the vulnerable members of society.

For more information contact Adelide Mutinda.

Support Her to Create a Better Us

Once upon a time, a young girl in South Africa witnessed her father assaulting her mother on a daily basis.

When this little girl grew up, she experienced the same violence in her marriage where she was beaten four to five times.

When this abused girl, turned woman, learned about the rape of a local eight-year-old local girl by six men who infected her with HIV, she became determined to stop the cycle of abuse and help women and children living in dangerous households in her community.

This woman’s name is Lebo and in 2007, she launched the Mothotlung Network providing shelter and counselling to victims of gender violence. 

We discovered Lebo in 2014 when she was running a small operation depending on government and private donations.

To date, thanks to her determination, resilience and ongoing support from ygap, Lebo has been recognised internationally by leaders like Barack Obama and has gone on to change the lives of 19,345 women and children in her community. 

Lebo had a solution to a local problem, all she needed was someone to believe in her and back her.

This is just one entrepreneur’s story of the success that comes with backing local change, there are 453 more stories at ygap.

That is why we back emerging female leaders, this is why be back her.

Support her to create a better us

What are we excited about for in June?

  1. Seeing the support from our community for the yher Appeal.
    We are calling on schools and businesses alike to get involved and help us raise the funds needed. For more information email: eliza.hilmer@ygap.org
  2. Running our First Gens Accelerator 10th-14th June.
    The cohort is, as always, really impressive! If you want to know more about the program contact adelide.mutinda@ygap.org
  3. Choosing the first group for evac!
    This is such an exciting program, we are so thrilled to be able to offer this to our community. For more information contact sydney.maclennan@ygap.org 

On a Personal Note…

A very sad farewell to Bob Hawke, our 23rd Prime Minister, and personally for me he was Prime Minister when I arrived in Australia at 10 years of age. He did some amazing things as listed in this great short article including introducing Medicare and outlawing gender discrimination in the workplace.

He will be missed, but not forgotten.