Her Story – Saving over 19,000 victims of abuse.

Once upon a time, a young girl in South Africa witnessed her father assaulting her mother on a daily basis.

When this little girl grew up, she experienced the same violence in her married adult life.
This woman’s name is Lebo and in a good week, she was beaten four to five times.

When Lebo learned about the rape of a local eight-year-old local girl by six men who infected her with HIV, she became determined to stop the cycle of abuse and help women and children living in dangerous households in her community.

In 2007, Lebo launched the Mothotlung Network providing shelter and counselling to victims of gender violence.
ygap discovered Lebo in 2013 when she was running a small operation depending on government and private donations.

She didn’t believe she could scale her operations and impact, setting herself a goal of supporting 100 women and children.

ygap saw the potential for so much more.

To date, thanks to her determination, resilience and ongoing support from ygap, Lebo has been recognised internationally by leaders like Barack Obama and has gone on to change the lives of 19,345 women and children in her community.

Lebo had a solution to a local problem, all she needed was someone to believe in her and back her.
This is just one entrepreneur’s story of the success that comes with backing local change, there are 453 more stories at ygap.

ygap needs your help to support the launch of yher, a program specifically designed to support female-led social impact ventures, just like Lebo’s.