About ygap

ygap is an international organisation that creates positive change by making entrepreneurship more inclusive.

We believe that business can be a force for good, and that entrepreneurship is key to solving the most challenging social and environmental problems facing our world today. But for this to happen, the world’s diversity must be represented in creating these solutions and the systems that enable them to succeed.

ygap exists to increase the capacity and agency of entrepreneurs to run successful businesses, and reduce the barriers that inhibit access and inclusion within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Since 2008, we have run 57 programs that have supported 589 ventures working to make change in their communities. We have offices led by local teams in Africa, South Asia, the Pacific Islands and Australia.

Since 2008:


Across Africa, South Asia and Australasia.


With social or environmental impact

86%ventures stilloperating

Surviving beyond the start-up phase

73% positiverevenue growth

More jobs and more community impact

What We Do

Impacting Lives

We work to increase the capacity and agency of entrepreneurs to run successful businesses that have a positive social or environmental impact on their communities.

Changing Systems

We identify system-level barriers to support, inclusion and access within the entrepreneurial ecosystem, then work with stakeholders across sectors to co-design and implement solutions to address them.

Measuring our work

We collect and analyse carefully designed metrics to ensure our work is having the intended impact. Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) features across every aspect of our work.

The Latest

Launching the Business Partnerships Platform

Together with Fintech Pacific, Mastercard® and the Australian Government, ygap is part of a consortium of partners working to champion better inclusion for women business owners in Fiji. The approach is holistic – fusing next generation technology, market access, small business acceleration and ecosystem disruption. Locally-led in design, development and delivery, this solution is specifically tailored to the needs and context of Fiji’s women entrepreneurs.

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Work with us

We work with a wide range of stakeholders including development agencies, governments, foundations and the private sector to realise and further develop their entrepreneurial support and impact strategies.

We are experienced practitioners with over a decade’s expertise working with impact ventures and leading large collaborations. We are always evolving to respond to the needs of the entrepreneurs and stakeholders we work with, as well as the local contexts we operate within.

Since 2008, we have developed, delivered, tested and refined programs to support impact entrepreneurs across Africa, Asia and the Pacific. We have a proven methodology, as well as a strong track record and recognised expertise in supporting diverse entrepreneurs to grow their ventures.