What We Do

Economic inequality is a driver for much of the world’s issues, and has a direct causal link to poor access to education, insufficient health-care, and increased likelihood of conflict. Small and medium businesses make up 97% of all jobs in emerging economies, meaning that supporting the success of these businesses is key in addressing some of the world’s most ingrained inequalities. 

Since 2008, we’ve supported the success of entrepreneurs and better inclusivity across the ecosystem. Whether we’re playing at a micro or a macro level, we design and deliver solutions that are holistic, multi-dimensional, collaborative, locally-led, and tailored for the context we’re working in. 

Where We Work

How We Work

Impacting Lives at the Micro Level

At a micro level we work to increase the capacity and agency of entrepreneurs to run successful businesses. We design and deliver programs to support entrepreneurs who are developing market-based solutions that address social and environmental problems within their context, and who may otherwise face obstacles in accessing this kind of support. We also create local collaborations that work towards better access and inclusion to local entrepreneurial ecosystems.

ygap Accelerator Program

This program is designed to support locally-led ventures in emerging markets, understanding that people who are local to a community and understand its specific needs are those best placed to develop and lead businesses that will make a difference and solve local problems. This program currently runs in Kenya, South Africa and Bangladesh. 

yher Program

yher has been developed in recognition of the barriers that women face in starting, running and growing a business in many parts of the world. yher is designed to help overcome these barriers and support women entrepreneurs to prosper. This program currently runs in the Pacific Islands and Africa. 

ygap First Gens Program

ygap First Gens is a program that supports migrants, refugees and diverse founders born overseas to thrive in the Australian business community. This program currently runs in Australia. 

Changing Systems at the Macro Level

At a macro level, we identify system-level barriers to support, inclusion and access within the entrepreneurial ecosystem, then work with stakeholders across sectors to co-design and implement solutions to address them. This looks like:

This partnership between government, business and community is developing and delivering innovative new technology that will help make the Fiji economy more financially inclusive, especially for women vendors. Through a digital wallet that is able to accept payment from both local customers and international visitors, this platform is a market-level solution to bring small businesses to the digital economy that will transform the lives of individuals across the Pacific country. The technology has been locally-led in its design, development and delivery. Read More.

ygap was one of three primary implementing partners working with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) to deliver a capacity building program for 31 incubators and accelerators across Asia Pacific. The scope of work included one-on-one mentorship, training delivery and resource development, including the creation and delivery of a gender and Power thematic.

ygap partnered with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s ‘Scaling Frontier Innovation‘ initiative to deliver an integrated support and training program for entrepreneurs and entrepreneur support organisations across the Pacific Islands. The program included technical assistance, mentoring, relationship building and funding disbursement, and was tailored to the specific needs of each organisation to build a context-specific COVID-19 response.

ygap partnered with the Sasakawa Peace Foundation to develop an interactive and comprehensive toolkit to guide accelerators and incubators  through the process of applying a gender lens across their operations and programs. The toolkit provides practical strategies and frameworks for entrepreneur support organisations to increase equity, accessibility and inclusivity for all genders at every level of their work.

ygap was commissioned by an independent agency to compile a research report addressing the barriers faced by refugee entrepreneurs in accessing support networks and resources to grow their businesses in Victoria, Australia. The process included interviews with the refugee entrepreneur community, the facilitation of co-design sessions and the delivery of a paper underlining the challenges and barriers faced, and a suite of recommendations for further action by entrepreneur support organisations to better service this group.

ygap coordinated a series of rapid-response activities in the Pacific Islands, Australia, Bangladesh, Kenya and South Africa to support impact entrepreneurs in responding to the effects of  COVID-19. This included comprehensive ecosystem surveys, developing a suite of resiliency toolkits, and deployment of a series of ‘Re-Accelerator’ programs to support existing businesses through the pandemic.

Campaigns and Advocacy

Our vision is an equitable and sustainable world. But the reality right now is very different. One billion children experienced violence in the last year alone – that’s half the world’s children.

ygap’s Polished Man campaign encourages everyone to take a stand and actively commit to helping end violence against children, by painting one nail for the month of October. By representing this harrowing statistic, that one painted nail can start a conversation, which raises awareness and funds to ensure no childhood is lost to violence.

Sign up today, paint a nail, start a conversation and raise funds to help end violence against children.

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Measuring Our Work

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) is our barometer. Designing metrics, undertaking data collection, and analysing that data helps us see where our work is doing what we intend it to, and where we are falling short. This information allows us to continually iterate to make sure we don’t just have good intentions, but that our work is actually providing consistent and valuable outcomes. MEL is applied across our impact operations, tailored to the context we’re working in and the needs to of the people we’re working with. 

To read more about our MEL work, follow the links below.