Our Vision

An equitable and sustainable world 

Our Mission

Advancing global equity through inclusive entrepreneurship

Who We Are

ygap seeks to ensure that all people have an opportunity to be successful as entrepreneurs. 

We believe business can be a force for good and make an important contribution towards solving some of the most challenging social and environmental problems facing our world today. However due to current inequalities, some people are more likely to receive support to start and grow their businesses than others. We create solutions that challenge these inequalities in order to make entrepreneurship more inclusive

At a micro level, we increase the capacity and agency of entrepreneurs to run successful businesses that are making a positive impact. At a macro level we focus upon reducing the structural barriers that inhibit  access and inclusion within the entrepreneurial ecosystem, to create an enabling environment for small business to thrive. 

By offering the necessary support and resources, ygap strives to enable all entrepreneurs to create, launch, scale and sustain their impactful businesses – thereby unlocking their full potential and uplifting their communities in the process.   

Our Values

The Foundations We Work From

Why Business?

When thinking about business, often what comes to mind is large corporations in cities, employing men in suits. But what we’ve seen through our work is that business in today’s world is nothing like that. The significant majority of businesses in the world are vibrant pillars of the community, representing prosperity, self-determination, meaningful employment and locally-led change.

It’s a woman in Fiji finding innovative ways to grow food in places with limited access to land. It’s a former refugee in Australia who knows how difficult it is to find a job in a new country, and is helping others to access meaningful employment. It’s communities in South Africa being able to choose to purchase healthy food products that are grown and produced locally. It’s the company reclaiming manufacturing jobs in Kenya. It’s an innovative idea, a new approach, a way to do things better than we ever have before, and making sure everyone is included along the way. It’s business as anything but usual. 

Through our work, we hope to reframe the way business is seen and designed, communicate the deep value it has to building a better future for all, and bring people along with us on that journey. We believe this is the best contribution we can make to work towards an equitable and sustainable world.