The ygap Story

A few years ago, some young travellers looked at the world around them, and the levels of poverty that many people lived in, and believed that things could be different. Rather than merely sitting around talking about the problems of the world, they took action. They saved up some money, packed their bags and took flights to Africa to help build a better world.

They started by building schools, for kids that were not all that much younger than them. They sweated, and bled and gave all they could. As they worked, they made friends with the local people who worked alongside them, sweating, bleeding and giving as well, and learned something that changed them forever; that these local people were more passionate and more committed to changing their own communities than the young travellers ever could be.

They realised that their job was not to be the heroes, but instead to work alongside the true local heroes. So they travelled back to their homes, and began to build social enterprises and movements of people who also believed that the world could be better. The small group of young people grew to hundreds of people, and then thousands and they began to search for more local heroes to help them end poverty in the villages and townships of the world. To create jobs. To help kids through school. To improve people’s health and safety. To build better homes.

As they backed more local heroes, hundreds living in poverty had their lives changed.

Then thousands.

Then tens of thousands.

Then hundreds of thousands.

And then the young dreamers realised how far beyond them it had come.

It became a movement.

A movement of people around the world doing what they could.

Working together, for better world.

Day by day.

Dollar by dollar.

Bit by bit.

Meet The ygap Family

The ygap family tree: yher, ygap first gens, ygap Bangladesh, ygap Kenya, ygap South Africa, & Polished Man

Our Innovative Projects

A campaign. A movement. A commitment.

Every October we challenge men (and women) to paint one fingernail Polished Man Blue to represent the 1 child that dies every 5 minutes as a result of violence.

In 2012, YGAP launched one of the most innovative fundraising campaigns ever seen in this nation. This campaign is 5cent. We asked Australians to start collecting their five-cent coins to change the lives of people disadvantaged by poverty. In its first three years, 5cent has collected 7.9 million five-cent coins – that’s $396,660.

Feast of Merit was an initiative of ygap, the venue’s profits went on to fund various projects and impact around the globe.

Meet the Team

Daniel Madhavan, Chairperson
Kylie Wallace, Head of Campaigns
Patrick O’Callaghan, Head of Partnerships
Nirjhor Rahman, Bangladesh Country Director
Kaitlin Tait, Director of YHER
Simon Lee, Australian Program Manager
Andrew Dennis, Polished Man Partnership Manager
Kasha Farhin, Bangladesh Program Assistant
Albert Kimani, Kenya Program Manager
Hazel Mkwanazi, South Africa Program Manager
Alby Tomassi