The ygap Story

ygap understands that people living in communities affected by poverty or disadvantage are best placed to understand the unique challenges of that community, and how best to direct change. We also believe strongly in the power of entrepreneurship as a tool for locally-led development. These two key principles are what drives the work that we do.

ygap programs are designed to accelerate the potential of locally-led business by combining economic empowerment with community development. ygap’s programs support local entrepreneurs who have shown the drive, talent and conviction to create change in their own communities through social impact ventures. 

The role ygap plays is to support the growth of these entrepreneurs and their ventures through our unique model of development. Our program is structured around four key needs for early-stage impact ventures: capacity-building of leadership team, tailored operational and strategic business support, providing access to networks, and access to funding.

The roots of ygap are steeped in innovation, entrepreneurship and a determination for change. We’ve created multi-million dollar fundraising and advocacy campaigns, started and grown numerous impact ventures ourselves and have cultivated meaningful partnerships to fund our work. 

In turn, we’ve run over 40 programs that have supported over 500 ventures. These ventures have gone on to provide opportunities for over a million people affected by disadvantage to break the poverty cycle. 

ygap was started in 2008 by a team of young and enthusiastic volunteers, and has since matured into a high impact international organisation driven by its work.  

Where We're Located

Meet the Team

ygap’s global team are located across Kenya, South Africa, Bangladesh, the Pacific Islands, and Australia. Our In-Country Teams are experts in the local entrepreneurial ecosystems in which they operate, meaning that ygap programs are designed and delivered by people who deeply understand the context of the ventures they support. ygap’s Headquarters, Fundraising and Leadership teams are based out of Australia, and support the In-Country teams with the resources to deliver their work.

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