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Meet Maryana Munyendo, the founder of Missing Child Kenya.

Maryana is committed to finding missing children and reuniting them with their families.

Committed to assisting vulnerable children in the education sector, Maryana identified the lack of a national database to aid missing and vulnerable children in African countries. This led her to establish Missing Child Kenya!

Missing Child Kenya focuses on training community institutions in child safeguarding. As cases of missing children were referred to her, Maryana sought to expand her impact by enrolling in a ygap Accelerator program in Kenya. Through the program, she gained insights into entrepreneurship and sustainable business practices.

“One of the things that has impacted my ability to reach more families of missing children is the encouragement through the accelerator program to participate in policy and advocacy.”

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After completing the ygap accelerator program, Maryana’s business, Missing Child Kenya, evolved into a community-run initiative that traces missing children and reunites them with their families.

They went from helping 278 children in 2018 to reuniting more than 1,500 children with their families in 2023.

Maryana is not only dedicated to finding missing children, but she is also working diligently to educate the public on the issues leading to children going missing. These issues include childhood marriage practices, female genital mutilation, children being denied access to education, abuse, child trafficking and lack of access to healthcare. Maryana has also adopted a pan-African approach towards solving this problem and has established the African Missing Children Network. This network aims to bring agencies and people together to expedite the process of finding missing children.

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“Thanks to my participation in the ygap accelerator program I was able to get financial support to purchase a bulk SMS resource that allows me to distribute alerts to the communities when a child is missing.”

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