yher Story – The inspiring story of an innovative solution safely delivering over 1000 babies in the region that needs it most.

Imagine being eight months pregnant and preparing to go to the hospital to give birth to your first child, only to be given a list of birthing materials you’ll need to source first. From gloves to surgical blades, to disinfectant, these items are not easy to find in Zambia, especially when you are from a remote village, let alone from a low socio-economic background.

With more than 50% of the global infant mortality being concentrated in Sub Saharan African region, with a big part of the problem being a lack of access to sterile supplies.

Muzalema Mwanza was one of the 63 female social impact entrepreneurs who came through ygap’s yher Africa Pilot accelerator in 2018. Through her venture, Safe Motherhood Alliance, Muzalema has developed an innovative baby delivery kit which ensures safe conditions at the time of childbirth.

Her innovative solution has not only offered training and employment opportunities but has also assisted in delivering over 1,000 babies. Muzalema had a solution to a local problem, all she needed was someone to believe in her and back her.

This is one entrepreneur’s story of the success that comes with backing local change, there are 453 more stories at ygap.

ygap needs your help to support the launch of yher, a program specifically designed to support female-led social impact ventures just like Muzalema’s.