Our work

We believe that local, impact-focused entrepreneurs are the key to effective, sustainable, locally-led development. Unfortunately, they are the least likely to receive the necessary support to help validate and grow their ventures, often being perceived as too challenging, too risky, or too early stage. This is the gap that ygap fills – supporting this niche of locally-led impact ventures and backing them to create sustainable change. 

Supporting the growth of locally-led impact ventures

ygap programs

Strengthening the local entrepreneurial ecosystems in which locally-led impact ventures operate in


Our impact

Since 2008 we have:


supported541impact ventures

impacted the lives of 1,295,411people

WAWERU KURIA Providing emergency cash to low income earners Meet Waweru SILHE TSHABALA Helping vulnerable youth leapfrog into the digital age Meet Silhe BETH KOIGI Producing affordable water filters for all Kenyans Meet Beth PAUL TALLIARD Upcycling goods and lives in Capetown Meet Paul PEGGY MATIVO Providing a quality education in Kenya Meet Peggy ARJUN KHOOSAL A web-based platform to help local tradesmen Meet Arjun SAID TWAHIR Producing sustainable cooking briquettes Meet Said

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