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Traditional business wasn’t built for women to succeed. So, we’re redefining business. Your support will back us to back women entrepreneurs whose businesses are making change in their communities.

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In many places around the world, business doesn’t mean suits, skyscrapers or cities. Business means change. 

All around the world women are redefining what business means – from suits and skyscrapers, to greater equality and real grassroots community change.

Women are improving postnatal health in Uganda, building community-focused tech in Suva, bringing manufacturing jobs back to Kenya, and fighting plastic waste in South Australia.

They are the bosses, the leaders, the CEOs, the executives, the trailblazers of their communities. But they are not often seen that way by the world around them. 

However, they face many structural and social barriers that limit their ability to thrive and succeed as entrepreneurs. 

Women still only receive 7% of investment capital, earn 18% less than their male counterparts, and spend 10 hours less on their businesses per week due to family commitments. 

We’re backing women entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

Support women to thrive in business 

Every dollar enables ygap to run programs specifically designed for the unique needs of women entrepreneurs, helping empower them in business and in turn, changing the lives of people within their communities. 


$19 to increase the 19% of businesses in Fiji registered by women


$42 to bridge the $42 billion funding gap between male and female led business in Africa


$93 to balance the scales on the 93% of venture funds that go to men


$120 for the $12 trillion that women could contribute to the global economy with better gender equality in business


$230 to help close the 23% global gender wage gap


The women redefining business. 

What your support can do

We need your help to support entrepreneurs, like Lilian, Nakita and Asha, who have the power, passion and ambition to shape their future and the future of their community.

Research shows that investing in women returns dividends. In this case, we’re talking social dividends, the kind of change that transforms whole communities. 

Become a part of that change by helping ygap to back these incredible women.

Your support will help us to create a world where women have the skills and support they need to make a real difference in their communities.

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Lilian's story

“If not me, who? If not now, when?”

These are the words that Lilian Nakagozi remembers most from growing up in Katanga slum in Kampala, Uganda. Her mother worked hard to provide for the family, though Lilian recalls often going to sleep hungry as a child. 

Many women in Uganda don’t have land titles or space to grow food. For single mother families, this makes feeding their families difficult. As a result, malnutrition in children is common

When Lilian was eight years old, her baby sister starved to death. She promised herself that when she grew older, she would do something to help the women and girls of underserved communities to feed themselves. 

The idea to fight food insecurity with her own business struck Lilian when she was at university. No stranger to hunger, she saved the money meant for her lunch to gain enough capital.

After graduation in 2018, Lilian pursued knowledge and skills in vertical farming and started on her entrepreneurial journey. 

Women Smiles Uganda is a social enterprise established to improve quality of life for women and young girls living in underserved communities; especially those in urban slums. 

They work with women and youth, providing affordable training in sustainable vertical farming to improve food security and nutrition. The vertical farms are cheap, made from eco-friendly material, and use less space and water than traditional agriculture.

Lilian took part in ygap’s yher Africa program in 2019, a business accelerator program designed specifically for women entrepreneurs. The skills and networks she gained have contributed greatly to the growth of her business.

There are millions of women like Lilian who are transforming their communities through business, and who need the support of programs like yher in order to thrive. 

Back us to back more women like Lilian.

Donate now and back women like Lilian to thrive

Your donation will help ygap fill critical funding gaps across our gender work, including Accelerator and support programs that directly support women entrepreneurs. You’ll also be supporting research, partnerships, and the development of platforms and toolkits that will help shift some of the wider structural barriers to inclusion that women face. 

Most importantly, you’ll be helping us to create a world where women like Lilian, Nakita and Asha have the skills and support they need to make a real difference in their communities.

All gifts to ygap over $2 are tax deductible.