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Each virtual gift tells a story of the power of entrepreneurship in transforming communities and improving lives. And each ygift sold will help support locally led impact ventures with solutions to local problems provide opportunities for people to lift themselves out of poverty or disadvantage.

How it works

When you send a ygift, your friend or family member will receive that little character in their inbox, along with its personality traits, its story of change, and social media content of their gift that they can download and use. 

While we can’t go and support these ventures in person, we can support them by buying a virtual product for a friend or family member and brightening their day. ygifts work on a ‘pay as you feel’ basis, starting at $2.

Meet the characters

Rescued Sandwich

  • Just wants to be loved 
  • Actually really tasty 
  • Doing their best

This Rescued Sandwich represents a reduction in food waste in Australia, saving it from ending up in landfill.

Gift a sandwich!

Tilapia Fish

  • Here to help
  • Goes with the flow
  • Absolutely no attitude

This Tilapia Fish represents communities returning to their traditional livelihoods in Kenya.

Gift a fish!

Homegrown Mushroom

  • The wholesome one
  • Voice of reason
  • Never says a bad word about anyone

This Homegrown Mushroom represents thriving small business created and run by women in the Pacific Islands.

Gift a mushroom!

Tiger Worm

  • Just focused on getting the job done 
  • Will take anything you throw at them 
  • Thrives where others might falter

This Tiger Worm represents better health outcomes for people living in Bangladesh.

Gift a worm!

Running Shoe

  • Durable 
  • Always looks great no matter what
  • Woke up like this

This Running Shoe represents economic freedom and better employment opportunities in Kenya.

Gift a shoe!

Solar Backpack

  • Has got your back
  • Resourceful 
  • Leader of the group

This Solar Backpack represents accessible education for thousands of children in Bangladesh.

Gift a backpack!

Every ygift makes a difference

These ventures are devised by local entrepreneurs to solve local problems, and they play an important role in creating opportunities for thousands of people to lift themselves out of disadvantage. 

For 12 years, ygap has identified and supported the growth of social impact ventures across Australia, Kenya, Bangladesh, South Africa and the Pacific Islands. Funds raised through ygap’s ygift will help us to support even more ventures with innovative ideas to help transform their communities.  

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