About yher accelerator

We believe the Future is Female.
We know women are vibrant and vital architects of society.
We know women are the best levers for change in our world.
We also know female entrepreneurs need to be championed.

With the amazing successes of the yher program in Africa – a place where more women are pursuing entrepreneurship per capita than anywhere else in the world – we’re expanding our search for unrivalled entrepreneurial women to include South Asia and the Pacific Islands. Women running high-impact ventures aimed at improving the lives and women and girls in these areas will be eligible to apply for our program and receive all the support and benefits that accompany it.

Apply now for access to world-class training, funding and support for your venture.

Why Us?

It’s simple. We truly believe that change is driven by socially conscious businesses and we want to see women running bigger and better ventures.

We are entrepreneurs ourselves. We’ve started highly successful social enterprises, run global campaigns and accelerated 515 startup impact ventures across five countries, helping change the lives of close to 954,754 people living in poverty. We have also been the first to invest in some game-changing startups in Kenya and South Africa.

Thanks to our amazing supporters we are able to offer you this program for FREE. 

We’ll cover the cost of everything apart from your travel to and from the program (Scholarships are available for those that need them).

We take you through a tried and tested curriculum designed specifically BY women FOR women.

We take a holistic approach to our program, accelerating not just your venture but YOU as an entrepreneur, ensuring you have the tools, techniques, courage and tribe of women supporting you to handle the roller coaster journey that is life as an impact entrepreneur.


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